The Human Rights Resource Centre

The Human Rights Resource Center was opened in 2011 and is supported by a joint EU, UNDP and OHCHR project on “Strengthening Turkmenistan’s National Capacity to Promote and Protect Human Rights”.

The Human Rights Resource Center has been created for everyone who is interested in information on human rights. The Center works to raise awareness of human rights among the population of Turkmenistan.

The Human Rights Resource Center is open to the public and provides visitors with access to specialized human rights literature, reference books, guides and other materials.

The purpose of the Human Rights Resource Center is to provide and disseminate information in the field of human rights. As well as:

— Capacity building in the preparation of draft national human rights action plans;

— Organizing the trainings on human rights for law enforcement officials, including seminars for teachers;

— Raising awareness of government institutions of Turkmenistan and relevant stakeholders about all areas, tools and recent actions in the field of human rights standards;

— Strengthening the institutional framework for reporting and following up on the recommendations of the UN Charter on Human Rights and developing technical capacity in the field of human rights;

— Raising awareness of law enforcement officials about the principles of fair law enforcement;

— Expanding access of the country’s population to information on human rights. The Resource Center will provide access to specialized literature on human rights;

— Discussing the development of strategies to raise public awareness on human rights, including the trainings for mass media on human rights for the general public and opening information centers in the provinces.

Human Rights Resource Center works in the following areas:

— Providing access to human rights library;

— Creation and management of an up-to-date electronic database in the field of human rights for the necessary information;

— Organization of information sessions, briefings and lectures on human rights issues.

  1. Ashgabat, St. Alisher Novayi, 86. Institute of State, law and democracy of Turkmenistan
  2. Mary, St. Bayram Khan, 62. The State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan
  3. Turkmenabat, St. Shabende, 7. Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute named after Seyitnazar Seydi.
  4. Dashoguz, St. Rukhnama, 94. Turkmen Agricultural Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan.
  5. Balkanabat, St. G. Annayev, 76. Branch of International oil and gas university in Balkanabat named after Yagshygeldi Kakayev.